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Buy Steroids Online on Steroids

The mot difficult thing about anabolic steroids is to know what the exact price out on the black market is. Almost every website has specials and discounts on anabolic steroids; sometimes the dealers have offers like buy two for one, or buy more and get more free pills. There are so many anabolic steroids and so many price listings that no one can possibly know what the real price is. And the situation gets more complex because there are many scam artists on the web and there are just as many fake drugs. In North America it is illegal to sell anabolic steroids online and thus all the dealers appear to be Europeans and Asians. Trying to reach the dealers online is an impossible task. Simply asking what the anabolic steroid can do is impossible. There are anabolic steroids being sold online which were discontinued in the 1980s and early 90s. Makes you wonder if these are real or fake products. IN EACH AND EVERY CASE THE AUTHENCITY OF THE ANABOLIC STEROID CAN NOT BE VERIFIED. MORE LIKELY THAN NOT, IT IS A FAKE. The main reason why many people are not able to reproduce the bodybuilding results is that there are simply may fake products.

Below are some of the prices listed from a number of sites. The prices are a range and in each case, the dealers offer discounts. The more you buy, the cheaper the drug. However, what you are buying is an unknown.

Catagories of Products




Dianabol DS


Deca Nor






The majority of dealers in cyberspace have no refund policy. Some do not even have a phone number or address.

To order you simply fill up a form and then submit online. There are many sites which appear to sell the same drug with a different name and a different price. On each and every website, there are specials. The more you buy, the bigger the discounts. Of course you will also pay more.

The majority of dealers appear to be European , Asian or South American. In almost every case, the anabolic steroids from Thailand and Mexico are a lot cheaper.

In many cases, you are not able to chat with the dealer except receive an email message.

There are no phone numbers to contact the dealers.

You pay via credit card.

It appears that the same dealers have multiple websites selling the same product.

All of them charge for shipping.

Not a single site can guarantee what exactly is in the formulation.

There are countless cases of athletes having suffered complications, side effects and toxicity after having bought anabolic steroids online.

On almost each and every website, you can haggle the price. If you do not have the money, the dealer will always recommend something else for you. And if that does not work, the majority of dealers bring down the price.

There are hundreds of stories about individuals being scammed off their credit cards. While you are waiting for the shipment of your Supersize pills, someone is having a great time visiting the casinos in Macau or better still, visiting the temples in Bangkok and praying for you.

Many anabolic steroids being sold online have been analyzed by different laboratories and found to be worthless- most contain a sugar pill or vegetable oil.

Final Word

Be forewarned, the DEA watches all transactions done on line. Having an anabolic steroid shipped to you from Europe or Asia is like asking the FBI to deliver your pizza at home. And just imagine giving your credit card to someone online. There are countless stories about scams, fake drugs, counterfeit products and fly by night websites which disappear in the morning.

The holiday season is close and times are tough. Be careful with your hard earned money. The internet is an illusion and is the last place where one should seek pharmaceutical medications. If you really want to build your body like Arnold- go to the Gym, eat decent, do not smoke, and work out. This simple advice will eventually get you the body you want. It may take a little longer but it will be cheaper, safer and free from any agony of not knowing what happened to your money.


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