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Muscle Milk on Steroids

Muscle Milk - Bodybuilding Supplements The world of sports is constantly being bombarded with newer and fancier health supplement products on a daily basis. The sudden urge to build bodies, run faster, jumper higher and win at all costs has everyone searching for the ultimate product- and now we have muscle milk. This high calorie product is nothing new in the field of nutrition. Such supplements have been around for decades. High calorie beverages have been recommended for individuals who need to gain weight in a hospital setting for over 40 years.

These nutritiuous and high calorie milk products have been used to treat patients recovering from surgery, malnutrition and those who have suffered weight loss from any number of medical causes.


There is a lot of hype made about muscle milk and what it can do- the fact is that it is simply a drink with a lots of calories. It has no anabolic properties nor is it androgenic. These high calories drinks were first devised to help individuals who were ill in hospital gain weight. And now all of a sudden, the internet is inundated with sites that sell this product and each and every one of them has exorbitant claims about the product. One can drink all the muscle milk you want but without exercise you will end up being plump.

Muscle milk is just one of the high energy drinks around. There are many others like it. A simple analogy is a milk shake from any of the fast food stores. Muscle milk contains 32 g of protein, 12 g of carbohydrates and about 18 g of fat. This many calories can help the athlete boost his fuel supplies for a few hours during and after exercise. Many sellers of the muscle milk have further subcategorized the contents of muscle milk as having anti oxidant properties, reversing heart disease, changing body physique, increasing libido, etc, etc- and each and everyone of these claims is scientifically unsubstantiated. The muscle milk does not selectively only increase protein or promote fat loss. The aim of the drink is to supply calories- and when you take more than what you expend, you are bound to gain weight.

There is some evidence that individuals who have been drinking high calories drinks have a much faster ability to repair muscle.

Muscle Milk and Bodybuilding

There is no doubt that muscle milk can add calories to your diet, but it is not an anabolic agent. To build the body, one needs an exercise regimen to compliment the muscle milk. If a person simply drinks muscle milk and does not exericse, he/she will get fat. The sellers of muscle milk seem to propagate a myth that simply drinking this milk product every day will give you a body like Mr. Schwarzneger- in truth you will end up more like a Butterball. While the milk is high in calories, it definitely won’t build your body without adding a fitness program to the regimen. Most bodybuilders also take a variety of anabolic steroids/GH/thyroxin with muscle milk. On its own, muscle milk is no different from the milk shake you get from McDonald’s. Sports Drinks & Muscle Milk

There is zero evidence that muscle milk on its own can increase muscle mass or improve exercise performance. The muscle milk is simply made up of proteins, carbohydrates and fat. It does not contain any type of anabolic steroid or a drug which can increase muscle mass or burn your fat.

Conflicting Views

Muscle Milk Benefit? While there are some bodybuilders who think muscle milk is great, there are also others who think that the product is overrated and useless. Not everyone claims that the drink is refreshing and tasty. And not all people who drink this product have good results. But there is some scientific evidence that drinking high calorie beverages can help one recover after injury and improve exercise performance. There have been many other pharmacological effects attributed to muscle milk- such as the ability to diminish pain, promote selective protein synthesis and oxidize the fat- all without any scientific backing.


Muscle milk is a high calorie beverage and not a pharmaceutical medication. It is available without a prescription and can be consumed anytime of the day. There are some bodybuilders who suggest drinking the milk 30 mins prior to a work out. Others suggest a drink before and after a work out. Some individuals claim that drnking muscle milk at scheduled times prevents protein breakdown because the milk provides the energy for exercise.

The most common approach is to drink the muscle milk 3-4 times a day. The muscle milk comes in various flavors such vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, root beer, orange, mocha, peanut, etc. Most of the health stores sell the milk as a powder which can be dissolved in water or any liquid. Some people like it cold, others drink it at room temperature. Muscle milk is also available as a ready made drink- but is more expensive.

Each muscle milk drink provides about 350 calories. Besides the usual fat, carbohydrates and proteins, the drink contains an assortment of vitamins, nutrient, minerals, copper, zinc, chromium and soy.


Cost of the Milk Supplement

The muscle milk comes as a powder which can be dissolved in water or milk. Everyone seems to have favorite beverage in which they dissolve the milk powder. A 2.48 lb contains about 15 servings. The price of muscle milk varies depending on the flavor and size. Expect to pay anywhere from $23-$30 for a 2.48 lb packet.
Final Word

Remember, the world of nutrition and Bodybuilding is a billion dollar industry. People will sell you anything under the sun to make money- and in most cases a lot of things are simply much ado about nothing.


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