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Esiclene (formebolone) on Steroids

Esiclene Formebolone
Formebolone is another anabolic steroid which closely resembles Dianabol. It is supposed to be a potent anabolic agent and also possesses androgenic properties. Even though the drug has been hyped up in the media, it has failed to live up to expectations.
  • for stunted growth
  • infertility
  • add muscle mass in malnourished individuals
Esiclene Formebolone Injectibles

However, since the widespread abuse of the steroid, the product has been off the market for the better part of the past 2 decades. Even though it is being sold on the black market, it appears that the product is fake or counterfeit.


Esiclene Testing

The majority of bodybuilders who have used formebolone only talk of one thing- disappointment with the drug. The majority of users have found that the steroid does not do much. The few rare individuals who have found an effect only claim a weight gain of 3-5 lbs. Formebolone is postulated to cause a positive nitrogen balance and increase muscle mass. The effects of the drug occur in about 3-4 weeks.

When taken alone, the overall consensus is that formebolone is useless. Many bodybuilders do combine formebolone with other anabolic steroids and thus it is sometimes difficult to know which drug has shown the real effect. Formebolone is converted into an estrogen in the body. This results in gynecomastia and water retention.


There are some bodybuilders who claim that it can help recovery after an injury of it is injected in to the site.  Other bodybuilders also take Arimidex or Tamoxifen to block the actions of estrogen.


Some older bodybuilders claim that when the drug was injected just prior to a sporting event, it resulted in a rapid increase in muscle mass. This is most likely a figment of imagination as there is no such drug available. There is no agent that can rapidly cause a selective increase in muscle mass within a few days.

Side effects

Anabolic Steroids

While most bodybuilders have not found any effect of formebolone, it is doubtful if the drug has any side effects. Perhaps the side effects are from the other anabolic steroids. Nevertheless, the most common complication observed by many users of formebolone is water retention. This water retention can last for a few days to weeks. To prevent the water retention from getting worse, many bodybuilders also consume diuretic medications. The diuretic is taken 1-2 times a week and rids the body of all the water.



This is definitely is not the steroid women should take. It has potent virilizing effects such as hair growth, clitoral enlargement and deepening of voice.




Formebolone can be taken orally or be injected. The oral dose is 50mg/day and the injectable dose is 2-4 mg/per day. The injection is usually made in the buttock muscles. The site has to be changed every few days to prevent abscess formation. There are a lot of claims that the drug injection is associated with pain.


Some builders start slowly on an oral dose of 50 mg/day for 2 weeks. Then switch over to the injectable form for another 2 weeks.



Formebolone when available is extremely expensive.  A 2 mg vial can cost as much as $ 15-$ 30.  Even when the drug is found on the black market, one can’t be sure if it is the real thing. Cost of Esiclene



All sporting organizations have banned the use of this steroid and actively screen for it in the urine. The methods of detection available today can easily identify formebolone or its metabolites in the urine. The drug can be detected in the urine for up to 10 days after the last dose.




Formebolone is classified as a schedule 3 drug under the controlled substance act. It is not a prescribed medication in the USA and possessing the drug is considered illegal.


Final Word


Formebolone is an anabolic steroid relegated to the archives of history. Not only is it not manufactured, all the products on the black market are obviously fakes. So try something else- or better still go clean





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