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Cyclofenil on Steroids


Cyclofenil is a synthetic anti estrogen drug which is sometimes used by athletes and professional body builders. It is very similar to clomiphene in its actions. Once it was used as an ovulatory agent to help infertile women conceive. The drug has been widely used to treat scleroderma on an experimental basis only.  Cyclofenil is readily available in Eastern Europe and Japan. However, it has been replaced by clomiphene as the drug of choice for ovulatory dysfunction because there is concern that Cyclofenil can cause irreversible liver injury.

Mode of action

Cyclofenil Pills

When Cyclofenil is taken in orally, it is absorbed from the stomach into the blood stream. Then it gets into the brain where it acts on the hypothalamus. The hypothalamus has a complex array of receptors and neurotransmitters. What Cyclofenil does is to block the estrogen receptors. Cyclofenil Goes to the Brain

The hypothalamus then senses that the body has no more estrogen and immediately causes the release of Gonadotropins (LH, FSH).

The Gonadotropins immediately work on the testes, adrenal gland or ovary and stimulate them to make more female sex hormones. The ovary makes estrogen and the testes and adrenal make the male sex hormone. For the male, this eventually results in an excess of testosterone in the body.

Body builders

Bodybuilding & Cyclofenil
Cyclofenil is taken by some body builders and athletes. The drug is not approved for clinical use in medicine in North America and so all the doses have been derived from the Japanese studies- where the drug was used some years ago. While there has been a big media hype about the drug, a good many body builders prefer to use clomiphene instead of Cyclofenil.
Cyclofenil is often used alone or in combination with other steroids. Most experts recommend taking Cyclofenil after the anabolic steroids to maintain the elevation in testosterone levels. Often the drug is taken before a sports meet. The drug is taken at least 2 weeks prior to a meet and then a week is allowed for the washout period. In the old days, the drug was taken right up to the sports meet, but recently the drug has been added to the list of banned drugs and is tested at most sports events.

Side effects

In general the side effects of Cyclofenil are pretty mild. Less than 25% of individuals develop any side effects at low doses. The most common side effects include:
  • hot flashes
  • breast tenderness
  • nausea, vomiting
  • mild abdominal cramping
  • impotence
  • decreased libido
  • mild hair loss
  • fatigue and general malaise

The majority of these side effects resolve as soon as the drug is stopped. One does have to remember that the long term complications of this drug remain unknown.



There are many reports that Cyclofenil can cause severe liver injury resulting in necrosis. The problem is that the same individuals take a whole host of other anabolic steroids so it is difficult to know which drug is actually responsible for the liver failure. Nevertheless, anyone taking Cyclofenil is advised to get routine liver enzymes monitored at frequent intervals. Liver Damage & Cyclofenil



Because the drug is not regulated or been through a formal process of formulation, the dosage of the drug has been derived from guess work and individual experiences. Since the drug is not used in conventional medicine, all the advocates for this drug are non health care practitioners. The dosage of Cyclofenil which is widely used by athletes ranges anywhere from 300- 600 mg/day. There are reports that dosages less than 300 mg/day have no effect. The duration of the therapy is also based on individual experiences. Most users recommend cycling the drug every 2-3 weeks. A great many body builders also use a vast array of other health supplements and hormones to build the body. The best time to take the Cyclofenil is after the use of HCG or anabolic steroids. Most anabolic steroids decrease the levels of testosterone in the body. When the anabolic steroids are stopped the levels of testosterone stay low for a few weeks. It is during this time period that Cyclofenil should be started. Most users of Cyclofenil claim that the weight gain is seen within 1-2 weeks after starting the drug.


While Cyclofenil has predominantly been used in males, some women have also tried it out. Anecdotal reports indicate that the drug has no effect in females- perhaps it was used at low doses or for very short periods.




Cyclofenil is a difficult product to find. Even though there are many sites on the internet who sell it, testing done by governmental laboratories indicate that these are fake or counterfeit products. Cyclofenil is also sold over many of the European websites but the quality and purity remains suspect. Most of the Cyclofenil available in the USA is brought in from México. Other generic names for Cyclofenil include fetodur, neoclym, ondogyne, Rehibin and sexovid.




When available, the drug is relatively cheap- assuming it is Cyclofenil. Twenty tablets of 200 mg each usually cost anywhere from $40- $ 60.




The drug is not illegal to possess and the FDA has made no ruling on its status. But all professional athletes should know that almost every professional organization does test for the presence of this drug in the urine. Anyone caught doping with this product can face monetary punishment or suspension from sports.



Cyclofenil Detection Cyclofenil has been added to the list of banned drug by the sports council and it is regularly checked for in the urine. The tests developed today can rapidly identify the drug for up to 2-4 days after the last dose. However, the tests also determine the ratio of testosterone and epitestosterone. Alterations in the ratio generally indicate use of performance enhancing drugs.



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