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BodyBuilding ABCs on Steroids


  Bodybuilding Program The building of a body requires a certain amount of discipline and character. There are certain principles that one must follow if you are to achieve a successful Bodybuilding program. These include the following  
Training: bodybuilders need to train regularly. This does not mean that one has to train every single day- 7 days a week. One can definitely take a break every week. There are lots of stories about individuals who have never taken a day off in 10 years. However, this can become monotonous and boring. To have fun, it is important to take a break. A schedule should be set so that one can exercise 3-5 times a week and take 1-3 days a week off. The resting periods also give you a chance to re-think, energize and recover from the aching muscles. Injuries also need a rest period. To build up on the program intensity, rest is important. Not only is it important to develop the body physically, but one needs a rested and clear mind. Bodybuild Regularly
Intense Bodybuilding

Intensity. Bodybuilding is a tough and demanding. There is a lot of investment and commitment on your part. So when you go to the gym; remember you are going there for a purpose. Give it your best efforts, train hard. Use up the time wisely. Start with stretching exercise, followed by high intensity exercises. No matter what type of exercise regimen you have, you must put in the effort. Going to the gym and hanging around with your pals will never give you a body like Arnold. The majority of bodybuilders who quit in the first few months are those who do not have discipline and think of this sport as a time to chit chat. These same individuals never exercise nor do they train hard and infact even prevent you from working hard. You need to get into these two basic rules and if you apply these rules, your body will start to grow. Many bodybuilders simply do not want to sweat it out. They only love to dream. Dedication plus hard work is the key.

Over training. While training hard regularly is okay, overtraining is not good. It will simply burn you out. Do not be in a rush to build your body in a day. Getting carried away with training soon leads to boredom and anxiety. People who over train are always in a rush to build their body, but unfortunately the body does not work like that. People who over train will get the feeling of dread because they hate going to the gym. When you get this feeling, it simply means that you are over training. Enjoy the sport; you will be doing it for many years. Results of Over Training
Balanced Bodybuilding Weak points:  Everyone has some weak point(s) in their body which are difficult to improve. Every individual has some part of the body which is hard to build or shape up. One should try and keep a balanced approach for all parts of the body. But no matter what you do, some parts of the body will be left behind. Always seek out these weak points and set up a schedule to develop them. With a balanced approach you will have a perfectly proportioned physique. Always take pictures of your body once in a while and examine the development of different parts of the body.
If a particular muscle lags behind; some extra time on it, make it work harder, lift more and make every effort to make it develop.
Listen: Many new bodybuilders have a habit of not listening to their senior colleagues. In the long term you need to listen to qualified professionals. While you may not share their views on certain things, they can generally better assess your strengths and weaknesses. Friends generally do not give good advice, because their job is to please you. Seek advice from an independent person whom you do not know and you will know exactly where you are going. Listen to the Bodybuilding Trainer
Plan Days to Bodybuild Plan: Bodybuilding should never be performed randomly. You simply do not go the Gym lift weights and then never show up for another month. If you want to succeed at this sport, you need to make a plan. Make a schedule and develop a program. Plan ahead nearly one month at a time and adhere to this calendar.
Rest: Sleep is a very important aspect of Bodybuilding and all bodybuilders should get at least 7-9 hrs a day. While some people can get by 4-5 hours of sleep, these are the same individuals who have little concentration at the gym. They will appear tired after the initial warm up. If you sleep 8 hrs a day and recharge your body, you can rest assured that with time you will develop both mentally and physically. Rest & Bodybuilding
Smoking & Bodybuilding Go Clean: Bodybuilding is a clean art form of exercise. The only way to successfully build a body which is healthy is to be clean. Avoid smoking and use of illicit drugs. Eat right and keep away from processed foods. The more junk you eat, the worse your body will become. One does not have to go through any crazy detox programs or eat any special herbs to be clean. Simply avoid too much cola beverages, less of processed foods, avoid too much alcohol and do not party all night (that comes a lot later when you have made it like Arnold).
Nutrition: There are thousands of diets recommended for bodybuilders. If you talk to 100 bodybuilders or dieticians, you will probably get 300 different diets. Most of it is hog wash. To build a body you need a high energy diet with lots of calories. The best way to build the body is to eat a lot of fruits, vegetables, poultry, and fish (and occasionally red meat). Whatever you eat does not make a difference in the end as long as it supplies enough calories. Do not go searching farms for animals which have been injected with steroids. Nutrition & Building Muscle
If you keep to a healthy nutritious diet without eating too much processed food, you are 50% on your way to becoming a body builder. The majority of food products on the market are high protein diets. You can make your own protein diets at home which are cheaper, cleaner and more delicious. I have never been able to understand why many people are willing to spend hundreds of dollars buying powders and pills which taste like chalk (and may also have a lot of junk and impurities) and yet not spend that money buying fresh fruit. At least the fruits are fresh, tastier and contain less junk than pills.
Positive Attitude and Bodybuilding Be positive: Bodybuilding is associated with a lot of disappointments. One has to be positive at all times. Disappointments are common in individuals who do not prepare themselves well or are unrealistic. So never give up and if you persist, your body will be picture perfect.  


Change Exercise: Doing the same routine exercises daily can become dull. So change your exercises every now and then. When you feel that your muscles are no longer aching or growing, it is time to change into another exercise or a program. Change Exercise Routines
Water & Building Muscle
Drink Water: bodybuilders need to drink water. One can drink and unlimited amount of water and nothing will happen. For the healthy athlete, water is essential. Do not wait till you get thirsty. At this point your body becomes very dehydrated and it takes a long longer to recover. After every exercise, refresh your body with sips of water. Staying hydrated is the key to avoiding muscle cramps and spasms  
Stretching Time: It is important to stretch before you start pumping weights. The type of stretching exercise is not really important. Stretch the arms, followed by the legs and go for a short sprint or jog. Stretching helps stimulate the muscles and you will never ache afterwards. After the exercises are over, there is no need to stretch again. The muscles are already stimulated and need some rest. The amount of time devoted to stretching is variable. The aim is to get warm. This may take anywhere from 10-20 minutes. Stretching Before Exercise
  Steroids Steroids: The question of taking steroids will be discussed in another article.  
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