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Biceps Bodybuilding on Steroids

Bicep Building The one group of muscles in the body that men love to show off are the biceps. Biceps reveal machismo, they flaunt power, strength and of course women love that. The building of biceps muscles is not difficult. These are one of the smaller muscles in the body and located in the upper arm. The biceps are located in the upper arm and divided into a short and a long head.

Biceps are used in every day life, quite durable and resistant to most types of tension. For almost any type of action in the upper body, the biceps muscle come in to play.

To develop these muscles one needs to perform curls. However, the development of biceps requires a certain routine.

Beginning: There are many ways to build the biceps but the best way is to include different types of curls into the program. Each type of curl is designed to bring out the maximum effort in each of the upper arm muscles. In the beginning of the exercises, stand in front of the mirror and see if you are performing the exercise properly. With each curl, you should be able to see the contraction and relaxation of this muscle.

Be realistic: The biceps are very small muscles normally. While they can grow and appear glamorous, one should not extraordinary amount of time training only these muscles. There are other much larger muscles in the body which require more effort and dedication.


Curls: The easiest exercise to perform is to take barbells and do a series of curls. Hold the barbell and perform from full extension to the chin. Each series should consist of 10 curls. If you do not get tired after the 2nd or 3rd series, your weight is too light. If your hand gets fatigued after the first four curls, then your weight is too heavy. Initially always use a light weight and then progressively add weight. If you perform the curls in this way, you can expect to see some changes in the arms around 12 weeks. This may be the least glamorous exercise, but it is generally the most effective when it is done properly.

Repetitions: In the beginning one should perform repetitions with the same weight 2-3 times each time. And at least once a week, one should perform the supersets. A superset is basically done without any rest in-between a set and done relatively fast. This is very demanding and can be painful to perform. So supersets are generally entered in the cycle when you have built some muscle and strength in your biceps.

Bodybuilding & Diet

Diet: To build the body, you must eat a high calorie diet. Make sure that the diet is rich in proteins and carbohydrates. Rather than eating three large meals, one should eat a number of small meals through out the day. This will ensure that the body is supplied with calories. At night, avoid a heavy meal and stick to a light snack.

Gradually increase the weights slowly over 8 weeks. Most people start to see the biceps bulge at around 20-24 weeks. The weight increase should be slow. If you start do rapidly increase weight, you will not be able to perform more than 1 series of curls. Development of biceps requires more of a repetition exercise and less weight. Bodybuilding & Weight Lifting
Before BodybuildingAfter Bodybuilding Photos: The best way to monitor your progress is to get some photos. If you have a digital camera, get pictures of your arms before you begin. Once the program starts, get successive photos, every 6 weeks to monitor your progress.

Program: Biceps should be worked on in an exercise program once a week. While this may sound too little, in reality it is not. Biceps are always used in almost all types of upper body building maneuvers so they do get more workup than you think.

Building Biceps
Pull ups: Biceps can also be developed by doing pulls ups. Unlike curls, pull ups are demanding and can be incredibly difficult after you have done curls. So it is important to do them before you do the curls. One should do 2-3 series of 10 pull ups at least once a week.
Routine & bodybuilding Routine: Change the routine to avoid doing the same monotonous exercises each time. Changing the routine will motivate and challenge you to perform better each time.
Schedule: The schedule for building biceps can be what makes you comfortable. Perform 3- 4 sets with increasing degrees of difficulty. This cycle may be rotated 2-3 times. Bicep building is not easy and requires a lot of effort, endurance and tolerance to pain. As you get better, take short rests in-between each station. Schedule Time to Build Muscle
Seated curls: Performing curls in the seated position is difficult and must be entered into the program. The dumbbells should not be rotated while the hand is in motion. Another variation along the same lines is to perform the curls on an inclined bench. The head should be at the higher part of the bench. The inclined curls can really increase the size of your muscle and require a lot of effort. One can use both arms at the same time or alternate each arm.
Biceps & Barbells Standing barbell curl: Another trick is the use the standing barbell curl. For this always start off with a light weight because it will rapidly fatigue your arm. The barbell curl should be performed by standing straight and complete flexion and extension of your arm. Excessive forward and backward movement of the upper body is considered cheating.
Straight dumbbell curls. Stand up and rotate the dumbbell as you swing it from front to back. If you still have strength, perform these curls by sitting down.
Stretch: Before you begin any type of curls, it is necessary to stretch the arms. Hold the hands over your hand for a few second like when you yawn and stretch the muscles. Hold the arms stretched for a few seconds and repeat these maneuvers at least 10-20 times. Hold your feet apart and then bend over with the arms stretched. There are multiple other exercises to help stretch the arms and anyone of them can be used. The stretching will loosen the muscles and then you can begin to perform curls.

Stretching Exercise

Too much training solely on the biceps will delay the progress of other body muscles. One should devote appropriate time to the muscle based on its size and function. Having great biceps and thin scrawny legs looks nerdy.

Biceps are not difficult to develop. If you maintain a program if curls for 16-24 weeks, you will definitely see an increase in your muscles. Once the muscles start to develop, you can then gradually increase the intensity of exercises.

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