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Anabolic Steroids from Thailand (thaii) on Steroids




One of the most popular places that people recommend to buy anabolic steroids is Thailand. Besides physically going to Thailand, there are also websites which advertise Thai anabolic steroids. So the question is how easy is to get Thai anabolic steroids?
  Anabolic Sniffing Dog Website: There are many websites that offer all types of anabolic steroids. The steroids are considerably a lot cheaper than what is advertised by the European or Mexican websites. However, there are many problems with buying online steroids from Thailand. First the authenticity of the steroids can never be verified.  
There are many cases where after the order, fake drugs have been shipped. Second, how does one get the drugs back to America? Shipping from Thailand is always viewed with suspicion by the postal authorities. And the majority of shipments like boxes or parcels from Thailand are almost always screened for drugs. Dogs routinely sniff through the packages. Even a pharmacy address immediately adds suspicion. And even if you do not give your own home address, the DEA has a habit of following the packages to the PO Box number you are using (the majority of PO Boxes are under watch for suspicious parcels). And once you have given your Credit Card online, you can surely bet that some one is going to be enjoying a great holiday in Pattaya with some beautiful babes- courtesy of you. In short, ordering any type of drug online from Thailand is fraught with problems- chances are more likely than not that you will be caught. And if you do not get caught in the US, rest assured, the drugs that you will get will most likely be fakes.
Going to Thailand. Many people go to Thailand to enjoy the good life. The place is cheap, people are friendly and one can buy almost anything. The actual rules about anabolic steroids in Thailand appear murky. If you read some of the body building websites, most people think that Thailand has no rules about anabolic steroids. Some people believe that anabolic steroids are legal in Thailand.

The facts first. Anabolic steroids in Thailand are illegal. While a local may get away with possession, you can rest assured that Thai authorities will take you to prison. There is a large DEA personnel attachment that currently works with the Thai authorities and they are just as happy to see you go visit the Thai prisons. Of course, I have never been to a Thai prison, but I have yet to meet someone who had a great time. At least from what I have seen and heard, it is not a night out in Bangkok with pretty girls.

Imprisoned for Illegal Steroids

There are many pharmacies which do sell anabolic steroids in Thailand. The majority of these steroids are for veterinary use but foreigners or Farangs as they are called, look and behave like animals anyway in Thailand- so most pharmacies will sell them to you. And even though prescriptions are required, most Thai pharmacies simply ignore that crap paper. And if the pharmacy really does get picky, you can always go to a Thai doctor who will write a prescription for your animal back home.

You may think that just because you bought the anabolic steroids from a legal pharmacy in Thailand may be the real thing- wrong. There are countless anabolic steroids in Thai pharmacies which are fake. In Thailand, almost anything goes; Rules are non existent except when you are caught in possession of illicit drugs or anabolic steroids.

Equipment for Building Muscle The next trip is always to the gym. Just like America, Thai men want to look great. And they do use anabolic steroids. There are many reports that the real drugs can be easily bought at the gym for a relatively cheap price. There are hundreds of gyms all over Bangkok and getting to know a body builder is essential. Most will point you in the right direction. Recently there have been reports of many foreigners being busted in Thai gyms for possessing anabolic steroids- so make sure the body builder you go to is not an informant, other wise you will be spending more time building your body cleaning Thai BOGS in prison.

Once you have bought the anabolic steroids, is it difficult to bring them to the USA? Well, this depends a lot on luck more than anything else. Sure, you can bring a few pills but if you are caught at the airport with anabolic steroids, at least you will get a chance to meet Jose Canseco in prison.

In the last few years, the DEA has been working with Thai authorities to shut down the trade in anabolic steroids. Every single day, foreigners are caught with these drugs and the punishment is not light. The Thai authorities have also shut down many illegal factories that produce anabolic steroids.

So where do we stand with Thailand and anabolic steroids today? Well, the place has great beaches, good weather and excellent food. Even the girls are submissive and give great massages. As far as anabolic steroids are concerned, one should forget Thailand.

In this land of Siam, there are many good things but buying anabolic steroids and going to prison is definitely not one of them.


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